Ph.D. Program «Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism»

With this program, we seek to attract the most promising and ambitious students with a Master's degree in life sciences from all over the world who wish to work towards a PhD in structural biology and related fields.

Comprehensive PhD Training. The PhD Program in Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism offers an extensive and challenging post-graduate education for graduate students in biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, structural biology and related areas from all over the world.

Ambitious research projects. The successful completion of a PhD research project forms the major part of the PhD training. This will be done in one of the participating research groups. Working in one of these research groups is at the same time challenging and highly rewarding. All groups are among the leaders in their field. A special plus is the strong network between most of these groups that catalyzes a stimulating atmosphere through common training.

Life Science Zurich Graduate School. The PhD program is organized under the roof of the Zurich Graduate School in Life Sciences. Through common initiatives and retreats, a strong network is formed between the students of all neighboring programs. This represents an invaluable asset of the PhD training and its benefits will stretch well beyond the completion of the program initiatives, knowledge exchange, and a number of collaborations.

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