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Zurich Center for Structural Biology

Ph.D. Program

Research Groups and Topics

Frédéric Allain (ETH)
Structure determination of protein-RNA complexes involved in alternative-splicing by NMR spectroscopy

Nenad Ban (ETH)
Macromolecular assemblies involved in central cellular processes: protein synthesis and fatty acid synthesis

Amedeo Caflisch (UZH)
Computational structural biology

Raimund Dutzler (UZH)
Mechanisms of ion transport across membranes: The structural biology of ion channels and ion transporters

Rudi Glockshuber (ETH)
Folding and function of supramolecular systems and membrane proteins

Markus Grütter (UZH), retired
X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins and the use of chaperones in crystallization

Martin Jinek (UZH)
Structural biology of protein-RNA interactions

Stefanie Jonas (ETH)
Assembly of RNA- protein complexes (RNPs)

Kaspar Locher (ETH)
Structure and mechanism of multidrug transporters

Ohad Medalia (UZH)
Cryo-electron tomography of eukrayotic cells

Martin Pilhofer (ETH)
Bacterial cell biology studied by cryo-electron tomography

Andreas Plückthun (UZH)
Directed evolution of eukaryotic membrane proteins

Timothy J. Richmond (ETH)
Chromatin structure: Genome organization in three-dimensions

Gebhard Schertler (PSI)
GPCR structural pharmacology

Ben Schuler (UZH)
Single molecule spectroscopy of protein folding, structure and dynamics

Eilika Weber-Ban (ETH)
Ubiquitin-like protein tagging in bacteria

Gerhard Wider (ETH)
NMR in structural biology

Kurt Wüthrich (ETH), Emeritus active
Structural and functional studies of soluble and membrane proteins by NMR in solution