Zurich Center for Structural Biology

Welcome to the Zurich Center for Structural Biology

We are a network of scientists specialized in the structural biology of membrane proteins and supramolecular complexes. Our network has evolved from the NCCR Structural Biology (2001-2013).

The Zurich Center for Structural Biology is a joint center of the UZH and the ETH. At the moment it consists of 16 active research groups and 2 technology platforms. Besides its research core activities, the center offers the international Ph.D. program «Biomolecular Structure and Mechanism» and supports the peer mentoring group «Female Scientists in Structural Biology». Regular seminars are held at the UZH and ETH.
The next international symposium on «Trends in Structural Biology» will take place in Zurich on February 6 & 7, 2017. Download Program. Registration deadline: January 29, 2017. Registration is closed now.